brand philosophy

The intimate hygiene category is deemed to be old-fashioned and embarrassing.

It’s time for a change.

intibiome seeks to reconnect people with their bodies, empowering them to talk about their intimate wellness and to feel confident that they’re using the right product for them. Developed with experts in the field, intibiome uses its latest learnings in skin science to formulate products that work with people of every age and lifestyle.

our values

We will always be inclusive, lifting up everybody and every body.

We will always develop the most innovative and advanced products, using our expertise to adapt to your needs.

We will always respect your body, never creating products that harm it.

We will always stay open and understanding – educating and informing you rather than lecturing you.

our manifesto

When it comes to caring for our most intimate areas, we’ve lost our connection.

Embarrassed, unwilling, or unable to communicate with others, we’re needlessly neglecting the parts of our bodies that need it most.

We’re here to help. Providing you with the expertise, knowledge and products you need to feel confident in your personal care.

Whatever your age. Whatever your lifestyle. Whatever your interests.

Co-created with gynaecologists, our revolutionary products have been expertly developed to support your intimate microbiome and pH balance, and strengthen overall natural health.

As the experts in intimate hygiene, we want to bring discussion about intimate wellness care out of the dark and demystify the taboos that surround it.